Fake Wedding Cake Rental

Envy Cake is a Fake Wedding Cake Specialist in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada.

The Envy Cake team is led by Jessica and a team of wedding cake specialists who focus on making durable and stunning fake wedding cakes.

last updated on Oct 24, 2011

Ordering Fake Wedding Cakes:

Email us:


When ordering you may choose from one of two options:

  • Email us with a description or idea that you have.
  • Have us replicate a cake from an image you provide. Send us a link or a picture of the design of the fake wedding cake that you want to have

Rush orders under 4 weeks will be an additional charge. We cannot guarantee orders under 4 weeks.

Please provide the following with your purchase order:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of Event
  • Contact Information (phone number, email address, etc.)

50% deposit is required at the time of booking.

Remaining 50% balance is due six weeks prior to scheduled event via Visa, Mastercard, American Express via PAYPAL

Fake wedding cakes rental must be returned in original condition by the end of the day after your wedding.

Otherwise, we would consider you are buying out the cake and the deposit will not be returned.



How many tiers can I have?

You have any up to 4 tiers for your fake wedding cakes.

How much is the cost for Fake weddding cake rental, or buying a fake wedding cake?

The cost depends on the design and number of tier, for the basic fake wedding cake rental cost starts from $200. and to buy the fake wedding cake to keep,  the cost is $200 + rental cost

Can I send you a picture of design for my fake wedding cake?

Yes, we will quote you base on your design. and more important please let us know your big date.

How soon do I have to order?

Ideally, please give us  at least 2 months notice, so we can make sure your cake is available by your wedding day.

5 thoughts on “Fake Wedding Cake Rental

  1. Thank you for making our wedding cakes for us. We loved ours and no one believed that it was fake!
    We put the cake on the side for over 7 hours and it was so nicely done.

  2. Hey Jess,
    Thank you! for your Cake! I love it, Shawn love it, we all loved it! It shows so well in pictures and videos, and no one believes that I could get a cake such nice and the cost is so reasonable!
    -Sharon ❤

  3. Envy cake made the highlight for my wedding! The cake Jess made for us is so nice and beautiful that everyone was asking me for where did I get it. the cake I custom ordered costs only 1/2 the price from all my other cake quotes,but it just look perfect and exactly hoe I wanted it to be! And with 1/2the market price. Thanks Jess .

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