Vancouver Urban Wedding Show 2011: Urban Wedding Photography

Vancouver Urban Wedding Show 2011: Urban Wedding Photography

Urban Wedding Photography

Did you know Urban Wedding not only organize wedding shows, they are also a one-stop shop for all your wedding needs?

Everyone attended the Urban Wedding Show 2011 gets a “Urban Wedding Magazine 2012 edition”.

This 5th Edition Little White Book gives your inspirations for your wedding.

Eric Marcina is the Publisher, Editor-in-chief, Art Director, AND the Primary Photographor and Videographor @ Urban Wedding.

Busy guy!

Brides and Grooms:  If you want to see yourselves look like celebrities in Wedding Magazines, like the Urban Wedding Magazine, you’ll know where to go =)

At the Urban Wedding Show 2011, there was a booth for Urban Wedding Photography.

I met Dan Galic @ Vancouver + Whistler Urban Wedding Photography.

They do international award-winning, hip and contemporary wedding photography/videography worldwide.

Something interesting I learnt from Dan is that their wedding photography packages include iPad with Photos!

How convenient!

You can check out their website at

Urban Wedding Photography
Vancouver Urban Wedding Show 2011: Wedding Photography – SweetHeirloom

Vancouver Urban Wedding Show 2011: Wedding Photography – SweetHeirloom

Hello to all my wedding planners in Vancouver.

Today I’d like to share with you some of the Wedding Photography vendors I met at the Urban Wedding Show.

I guarantee to you that these wedding photographers I introduce to you here are no ordinary ones…

As I first walked into the Urban Wedding Show 2011, I was attracted by a sweetly beautiful display, and two young, sweet and welcoming faces.

They are Tanya and Meghan from Sweet Heirloom Photography.

Tanya & Meghan @ Sweet Heirloom Photography

These two young, talented photographers do “Sweet & Heartfelt Wedding Photography”.

Their style & approach is to create and capture imagery that tells authentic stories of life and love.

Check out their photos/website to see for yourself:

Their photos are love story-tellers.

They are natural, authentic, sweet, heartfelt and fairytale-like.

Their photos make you pause and imagine the story behind what you see.

Tanya and Meghan are also very creative.

A wonderful idea they have is to create magazines using your wedding photos.

Wedding Bride and Groom can keep a magazine / story-book copy of their sweet, precious Wedding moments to show their kids.

Bride and Groom can also show their appreciation and share their love and Wedding day memory with their family, friends and guests in this wedding photo magazine that is easy to take out and view at any time.

I’m sure there is a higher probability of taking out this wedding photo magazine than a big, heavy, old-fashion or traditional photo album.

Your own wedding magazine is so special.

I wish I did this for my wedding.

I want a wedding magazine of my own!!!

A sample of the wedding couple’s magazine is shown in this picture (bottom right – white covered )

Vancouver BC Wedding Photography!

Vancouver BC Wedding Photography!

As mentioned from the previous post, not only that I hear lots of request of covering Vancouver BC Florists, a few friends of mine has asked me to cover Photographers or photography locations in Vancouver, lower mainland in British columbia as well.

I have lots of information on these and I need to take sometime to organize the picture as well. Again, stay tune.

I know lots of great photographer, the challenges is that I need to get permission from them to post some of the nice pictures I have seen. I will try my best